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Our experience is our advantage ...

We provide specialized service for all related engineering disciplines.

Customer Satisfaction

In every project, our company is involved in, we see a new challenge in maintaining our high level of cutomer satisfaction since that is what distinguishes us from the competition.

 Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Implementation of ISO-9001 Quality Assurance and Control systems on various projects ranging from small single house dwellings to very large Olympic Infrastructure Projects, has provided us with the necessary experience to implement such systems in any project.

 Smart Engineering Team

A multidisciplinary in-house Architect – Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Structural Engineer team, drives our company forward, adapting to the ever-changing design requirements such as Sustainable Building Design.

 Project Management and Cost Estimation

A dedicated team comprising of Financial Manager and Cost-Estimators, prepares accurate budget proposals per project ensuring on-budget adherence during project implementation as already performed for European Union ESRF projects 2007-2013.

Architectural Design Services

Architectural Design services with award nomitations from MIES ARCH EU Prize 2015, 2014 Piranesi Award and Art Daily 2013 – 20 Most Important Projects.

Mechanical Engineering Design Services

Mechanical Engineering Design services for high complexity projects including FDA aproved pharmaceutical installations, Sustainable Energy Building Certification as per BREEAM, Passive single and multi-family house installation design.

Electrical Engineering Design Services

Electrical Engineering Design services including, Hospitals, Indoor Swimming Complexes, Hellenic Military installations as well numerous publications on IEEE.

Civil Engineering Design Services

Civil Engineering Design and Project Management Services including Athens 2004 Olympic Game facilities, Athens International Airport infrastructure design, NAVFAC EURSWA FEAD NSA SOUDA Bay Renovation-Upgrade Projects.

Structural Engineering

Structural Design and Retrofitting of New and Existing projects including Multi and Single Family Dwellings, Industrial Installations, Administration, Municipal, Religious buildings and Telecommunication installations.

Energy Audits - Building Inspections

Certified Energy Auditors and Building Inspectors for Hellenic Ministry of Enironment with over 100.000 sq.m. of completed inspections.

The Art of Simplicity