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Satellite-Ground-Station-Design and Install

Design - Licensing and Supervision of Satellite Ground Station

Year : 2014

Client : Hellas Sat S.A.

Satellite Ground Station Licensing

  • Survey of Land using GGRS ’87 and WGS ’84 Grids
  • Preparation of Architectural, Structural and M&E drawings
  • Submittal of Designs to Hellenic Telecommunications Authority
  • Submittal of Designs to Hellenic Commercial Aviation Authority
  • Land Usage Reports
  • Approval of Designs by Forestry Commission
  • Submittal of Designs to Building Authorities
  • Building – Installation Permit Approval
  • Inspection of surrounding installations
  • Submittal and Approval of Design to Ephorate of Antiquities
  • Environmental Impact Assesment
  • Assesment of Radiofrequency and potential protection zones

Satellite Ground Station Building Works Supervision

  • Asphalt Cutting – Removal – Resurfacing of Pavements
  • Excavation of Duct Banks for Power and control cabling
  • Installation of Sand-Bedding and PVC sleeves
  • Installation of Manholes
  • Backfilling of Duct Banks
  • Construction of Antenna Foundation Base
  • Installation of special grounding
  • Connection of Duct Banks to adjacent building and Data Center
Project Details

All Design work was performed using Eurocodes, whilst base structural design was implemented using ASCE and ACI codes

  • Architectural Design
  • Licensing of Satellite Ground Station
  • Structural Design
  • Surveying