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Single Residence Renovation – Sustainable Design

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Project involves the renovation and reduction in energy consumption of a 100 year old residence with simultaneous structural and energy upgrading. Renovation involved foundation upgrading, special radon abatement design and construction, roof and floor reconstruction, use of state of the art insulating materials, change of windows-doors, design and construction of new plumbing-sanitation , complete upgrading of heating system complemented with three alternative energy sources, BMS and other upgrades. Following the renovation, the building is now rated as class A in terms of consumption as per Hellenic Standards. Architectural facades have not been changed due to municipal restrictions.

Satellite-Ground-Station-Design and Install

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Year : 2014

Client : Hellas Sat S.A.

Satellite Ground Station Licensing

  • Survey of Land using GGRS ’87 and WGS ’84 Grids
  • Preparation of Architectural, Structural and M&E drawings
  • Submittal of Designs to Hellenic Telecommunications Authority
  • Submittal of Designs to Hellenic Commercial Aviation Authority
  • Land Usage Reports
  • Approval of Designs by Forestry Commission
  • Submittal of Designs to Building Authorities
  • Building – Installation Permit Approval
  • Inspection of surrounding installations
  • Submittal and Approval of Design to Ephorate of Antiquities
  • Environmental Impact Assesment
  • Assesment of Radiofrequency and potential protection zones

Satellite Ground Station Building Works Supervision

  • Asphalt Cutting – Removal – Resurfacing of Pavements
  • Excavation of Duct Banks for Power and control cabling
  • Installation of Sand-Bedding and PVC sleeves
  • Installation of Manholes
  • Backfilling of Duct Banks
  • Construction of Antenna Foundation Base
  • Installation of special grounding
  • Connection of Duct Banks to adjacent building and Data Center

Hotel Inspection – Legalization and Energy Upgrading

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Year : 2014

Owner : Casa Del Mar Seaside Resort Mykonos

Smart Engineering inspected hotel buildings in Mykonos and proceeded with the legalization of all relevant building code discrepancies whilst performing all necessary designs (Architectural and M&E) for the Energy Assesment and Upgrading of the Building.


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New Cosmetics Plant

Year : 2011-2013


The adaptation of all designs and construction of the new plant of APIVITA Cosmetics was supervised by our firm. Located at the Industrial Park of Markopoulon, Athens Greece,  the new facilities include:   cosmetics production (FDA),  honey packaging, laboratories – clean rooms, offices, training centers, dining facilities SPA, Assembly areas. The Structure spans five levels, two basements, three floors, total building area 6.830 τ.μ. (61500 sq.ft).

  • Specifications

    Design Specifications where selected based on the following criteria:

    • Aesthetics – Minimal Design
    • Glass surfaces
    • Natural Lighting and Air circulation
    • Use of natural resources
    • Sustainable Design (LEED certified)
    • Reduction of Environmental Impact of the Building to the surrounding area.
    • Thermal and Visual Comfort

    For the use of Natural Resources the following where utilized :

    1. Geoexchange – Heating and Cooling
    2. Solar Panels
    3. Storm-Water collection for Irrigation
    4. Waste-Water treatment Plant
    5. Planted Roofs
    6. Extensive Landscaping and Planting of Meditteranean Plants.
  • Sustainable Design

    The basis of the Architectural design was to set-up a line of defence of the Building against external environmental factors.

    The main atrium joined by the four storey internal glass facade aid in bringing sunlight to the inside of the building. During Winter air inside the building is heated by sunlight whilst during the Summer the same atrium-faced combo serves as a funnel to dissipate all heated air upwards with proper automatically operated openings at the top of the installation.Additional cooling is achieved during Summer through the use of planted roofs.

    A similar but smaller atrium is used to bring in sunlight for the offices and laboratories.

    At the second floor, a central open roof garden space was created, shielded by winds but allowing office users to be in constant contact with open space – natural light and air.


  • Materials Used

    A significant percentage of the materials used where natural – ecological and recyclable

    Structural Elements of the building :  Reinforced Concrete

    External Walls : Hollow Clay bricks with internal cavity insulation, while the inner layer consisted of insulation and double layered gypsum board.

    All FDA approved  areas where constructed using special panels for clean rooms.

    External Glazing System of Very high thermal insulation (Uw 1,3 W/m2K)

    Industrial floor (Concrete)

    Gypsum Board and mineral tile roofs

    Lighting using LED fixtures

    Ecological Colors

    Special render using natural materials


Design – Supervision of A+ Energy Class Luxury Apartments

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Year : 2015 completed 2019

Owner : Home Concept Ltd

The project involves all designs (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical-Electrical)

  • Four Luxury Apartments 200 m2 (1800 sq.ft)

  • Main Swimming Pool Area

  • Roof Garden with exclusive pool

  • Underground Parking with two spaces per Apartment

  • Energy Class Α+